One of the first powerful tractors in the fields of US with a tracked engine are Challenger units. Today, these powerful machines are represented by two series – MT 700E and MT 800E.

Powerful are the tractor series MT800. In USA today, four models are presented with a rated engine power from 450 to 590 liters. with. They are equipped with a new V-shaped 12-cylinder AGCO Power engine with a volume of 16.8 liters with a two-stage turbocharging system and meet the requirements of the most stringent operating conditions.

As befits for tractors of this class, they have an electronically controlled Powershift 16F / 4R transmission, which provides several switching modes (including automatic switching mode using the Power Management function). The incredibly efficient Powershift transmission allows the operator to switch modes within the same range without using a clutch. The speed synchronization function helps the transmission to control the speed of movement and automatically select the desired gear. The maximum speed can reach 40 km / h.

The tractors are fitted with a closed center hydraulic system. The performance of the “standard” pump is 223 l / min, as an option it can be installed with a higher capacity – 321 l / min. The rear linkage (optional) on the MT800 series machine has a maximum load capacity of 14 thousand kg.

At the factory, four pairs of hydraulic waste are installed on the tractor, although at the request of the customer their number can be increased to six. Their work is guided by the intelligent Intellitronics Network system, which results in optimal oil flow, precise control and quick response. Each section can provide an oil flow of more than 150 liters / min.

Tractors of various types, widths and profile structures are installed on the Challenger tractors to meet the requirements of specific conditions and applications. Mobil-Trac’s unique tracked drive system, which requires no maintenance, ensures the transfer of high power and tractive effort to the ground. While the field is moving, the mass of the aggregate is evenly distributed by the wide and long tracks of the suspension system, which results in excellent grip, minimal slippage and less soil compaction. The simple linear design is completely autonomous and allows for infinitely variable gauge settings.

Comfortable cabin MT800 provides excellent working conditions for the operator: easy access to the inside, air conditioning Surround-Flow, low noise and excellent visibility. Standard Nightbreaker kits or custom-made Double Nightbreaker with discharge working lights allow the operator to work at maximum efficiency even at night.

All functions are controlled using a 7-inch color display. All tractor MT800 Challenger still in the factory prepared for the installation of automatic driving AutoGuide. Therefore, the establishment of this option, allows you to improve the performance of the unit, does not create any difficulties even in field conditions. A significant reduction in costs when working with this system is achieved by reducing the amount of overlap and gaps.

All tractors from the factory are also prepared for connecting the AGCOMMAND TM telemetry system. This cost-effective and easy-to-use additional equipment is in its essence a system for remote control, data storage and fleet management, and also provides access to a huge amount of operational data that can be viewed and analyzed, having access to the Internet.