The tractor is the basis of the work of most farmers in the world. Successfully choosing a tractor in accordance with the needs of your farm is not an easy task and there are many selection criteria. Certainly one thing – everyone wants to have reliable, productive, economic and functional assistants who would qualitatively carry out all the tasks assigned to them. One of the main selection criteria is engine power. Although to assess the capabilities of the tractor is the most correct to consider such a parameter as a traction class. However, most manufacturers do not indicate this parameter in the characteristics of their units, referring only to the engine power.

Creating a large and powerful technology is primarily due to the desire to increase its productivity and working efficiency. For example, the size and capacity of mining dump trucks are many times greater than the similar parameters of conventional highway trucks. Regarding tractors. Engine power of specialized machines (bulldozers) can be more than 1000 liters. with. – and this is not the limit. But the increase in engine power of agricultural machines is limited by the requirements for a gentle attitude to the soil to preserve their fertility. At first glance, it is not clear how the engine power of the tractor affects the conservation of the soil? The fact is that in order to effectively use the engine power and transfer it without loss on the tractor engine, and then on the ground, the equipment must have an appropriate weight. For career tractors, unlike agricultural, this is not a problem. But for the rest – yes, because, as you know, the soil is a living organism, therefore it must be protected.

Therefore, after many practical and laboratory experiments of the world scientific community, it was established that tractors with a maximum engine power of 600 liters should be used to maintain a balance between engine power, tractor weight and a sparing effect on the soil. with. There are, of course, exceptions. The largest agricultural tractor in the world is considered to be the American Big Bud 747. It is equipped with a 16-cylinder engine from Detroit Diese, which is capable of developing power at 760 liters. with. (after modernization in 1997, this figure increased to 900 hp). The length of the tractor exceeds 8 m, width – 6.3 m. Exclusive tires with a diameter of 2.4 m were made especially for it. Weight with full equipment – 50 tons! Apply this giant for deep plowing. It can handle 400 hectares per day with a 30-meter plow! This tractor is the only one in its class, however, precisely because of its weight, it did not receive wide popularity among farmers of the world.
In the product line of almost all tractor manufacturers there are cars for various needs and, so to speak, for every taste. However, the production of tractors with a capacity of 500 liters. c. and more mastered only a small number of manufacturers of power equipment for agriculture. Among them are the following companies: John Deere, AGCO, Case IH, New Holland, Varsatile, Claas.