For compliance with the Euro IIIB (Tier 4i) toxicity standards in the 76 kW / 102 hp power class. The Fendt 300 Vario tractor was also equipped with an SCR catalyst. In addition, a new top model appeared – the 313 Vario with a maximum power of 360 hp. (measurements according to ECE-R 24).

For many medium-sized enterprises, the Fendt 300 Vario tractor is multi-purpose: whether it is working with a front loader, pasture and planting, or plowing. Nevertheless, Fendt’s engineers in the 300 Vario models (as opposed to the 400 series) deliberately abandoned some technical fillings. These include both a speed of 50 km / h, and electrically operated hydraulics valves with control of time and oil throughput, as well as a Vario terminal with many different functions. Therefore, we were interested in the question whether the new tractor from the 300th series would also correspond to the planned course of the Allgäu producer.

And indeed, at first glance, the “new” is no different from the “old”. The only external difference is the increased exhaust pipe. Like the “big” Vario, the SCR catalyst is located here. And, of course, on the other hand – a tank with a blue lid for AdBlue solution. To accommodate this tank, it was necessary to reduce the capacity of the fuel tank to 195 liters. According to Fendt, this is not a problem, as new SCR models should be 10% more economical than their predecessors. The reason for this is that the 4-liter Deutz TCD 4.1 L4 engine with a capacity of 4 liters, thanks to the SCR catalyst, can again be optimally tuned and no longer needs an exhaust gas recirculation system. In addition, an electrically controlled “bypass valve” is installed on the turbocharger of the new model, which makes the quick all-wheel drive even more mobile. According to the manufacturer, in the model 312, a torque of 550 N / m (instead of 515 N / m

Speaking of agility: to improve maneuverability, Fendt engineers changed the wiring and location of the sensor housing of the optional soft front suspension. Thus, the angle of rotation increased from 52  to 55 , which reduced the turning circle by 5%. The only pity is that the 6th generation of the 300th model, the angle sensors for the automatic all-wheel drive and differential lock are not installed serially.

But the rear suspension along with the brakes has been strengthened. Now the tractor has, instead of the previous 8 tons, an acceptable total mass of 8.5 tons,. And this, with an increase in the own weight of only 100 kg, is a big plus. Especially for customers who are also purchasing a front loader, it will be interesting to know that the front axle of the top model 313 has also been strengthened. The maximum axle load is now 4,300 kg instead of 3,500 kg in small models.

Vario ML 75 continuously variable transmission has received an optimized bevel gear, and the TMS control system now belongs to serial equipment. The rest of the management remained the same, and the maximum speed is 40 km / h

The lifting mechanism and hydraulics engineers Fendt slightly retool. Instead of 78 l / min (48 + 30), two parallel-running pumps now supply 83 l / min (53 + 30). At the same time, the recoverable amount of oil in the systems of hydraulics and transmission (as before, separate) has been increased from 42 to 45 liters.

More massive hydraulic cylinders and reinforced levers provide a lifting force of 5960 daN, which is 700 kg more than before.

In the cockpit, as already mentioned, no special changes were made. It remains to separate heating and ventilation, and the same impractical passenger seat, but at the same time, unsurpassed control of the EHR. Experts in electronics nevertheless have added a small detail. Now accurate speed is displayed on the screen, even if it is less than 2 km / h. And an elementary counter for the distance traveled, area and time is built into the small onboard informant on the instrument panel – great!


In conclusion, bad news first: the new 312 Vario SCR costs almost 6% more than the previous model. Naturally, this is largely due to the equipment equipped with the SCR exhaust gas cleaning system, for which AdBue reserves will still be required. The manufacturer promises at the same time 10% fuel savings compared to its predecessor. With today’s fuel prices, this can have a significant impact on the decision to purchase. There are also other new parts worth mentioning: improved maneuverability, increased permissible total weight and lift.

Technical characteristics of the tractor Fendt 313 Vario SCR


Deutz TCD 4.1 L4 with SCR catalyst, 88 kW / 120 hp nominal and 99 kW / 135 hp maximum power (according to ECE-R 24), compliance with Euro IIIB standards (Tier 4i), 195-liter fuel tank, 20-liter AdBlue tank.


Continuously variable ML75 with separated power flows and one speed range, a tempomat, a stationary state regulator, reversing under load, 40 km / h at 1750 rpm, PTO 540 / 540Е / 1000.

Lifting gear / hydraulics

5960 daN with EHR in the rear, 3020 daN of lift force of the front lift, tandem pumps with 53 + 30 l / min, divided oil consumption, recoverable amount of oil – 45 l, max. 4 valves, adjustment of the passed quantity.

Tare weight: 4,450 kg, permissible total weight: 8,500, wheelbase: 2.35 m, electro-hydraulic activation of all-wheel drive and differential lock, serial tires 480/65 R24 and 540/65 R38