The most powerful tractors that Case IH currently offers on the American market are the Steiger / Quadtras tractor with engine power from 410 to 560 l. with. These are general-purpose machines used to perform energy-intensive technological work in crop production in combination with wide-spread sowing and soil-cultivating units. With the help of these tractors, business executives can significantly increase labor productivity and at the same time save fuel and resources. New machines are not only high power, but also additional features. Indeed, in such tractors all the latest developments of the company are embodied: a comfortable spacious cabin and modern integrated functions of precision farming systems and machinery control.

The engines of the Steiger / Quadtrac model tractors are designed to achieve the highest possible power. They are equipped with an engine power control system that provides, if necessary, up to 62 additional horsepower. It is necessary to work on hilly fields and on steep slopes, as well as to meet the growing needs of the power of GDP and the hydraulics systems of modern, massive and productive trailer equipment.

The tractors are fitted with time-tested 6-cylinder FPT engines with a displacement of 12.9 liters, which were first used on 2006 Steiger tractors. Up to eight remote hydraulic valves can be installed on them, to which an oil flow of up to 428 l / min is applied. New quick-release valves with oil flow compensation improve performance by maintaining accurate parameters of its flow and pressure, even in the most difficult conditions. The system needs to be set up only once – then it will automatically adjust to changing working conditions throughout the day.

Steiger / Quadtrac tractors are equipped with a 16-speed Powershift 16×2 transmission with gear shifting without interrupting power flow. Powershift provides smooth gear changes and reduces operator fatigue during the working day spent in the field.

Operator comfort is a key factor in creating conditions that ensure maximum efficiency. This is especially true of such energy-intensive machines as Steiger / Quadtra. The Case IH Surveyor, a leading cab model in the market, improves operator comfort in all conditions, the manufacturer offers it in a variety of cab and seat configuration options. At the same time, the Multicontroller Аmrest multifunction armrest from Case IH greatly simplifies the work and allows you to get maximum control of the tractor and attachments. Management tools are integrated with such advanced innovative technologies as the “Automatic Performance Monitoring System”, APM (Automatic Productivity Management), which is used to optimize the working parameters of the tractor, and “Precision Agriculture System” and AFS (Advanced Farming Systems). These technologies are the basis for the transition to fully automated precision farming.On request, you can install a cab with a unique suspension, which has four shock-absorbing units located at the corners of the cab. Thanks to this solution, we get an ideal stabilization of the cab from longitudinal, transverse and vertical vibrations, regardless of the terrain, on which the tractor moves. The combination of springs, pads and mounts completely isolates the cab from the vibrations created by the chassis, prevents operator discomfort due to constant shaking and jumping.