The most powerful tractors that John Deere now offers are ninth-series tractors with capacities ranging from 410 to 570 liters. with. These are general-purpose machines used to perform energy-intensive technological work in crop production together with wide-spread sowing and soil-cultivating units. With the help of these tractors, business executives can significantly increase the productivity of work and at the same time save fuel. New machines are not only high power, but also additional features.

The ninth series of tractors is equipped with a 13.5 liter Power Tech engine. It gives a power of 628 liters. p., which is achieved in 1900 rpm. engine crankshaft. Only on model 9370R installed 9-liter Power Tech engine with a maximum capacity of 408 liters. with. All of them comply with the requirements of the current Ukrainian legislation on exhaust emissions and have a standard for emissions of Stage II.

Despite its size and main purpose (performance of power work), tractors from John Deere engine manuals are quite fast and maneuverable. As standard, they are equipped with an e18 transmission, which has an 18-speed Power Shift (gear shift without power interruption) for the front and six for the rear. The transmission for wheeled and tracked models of the 9R series allows it to reach speeds of up to 40 km / h.

The transmission is controlled by the Efficiency Manage system, which maximizes machine efficiency and the smoothness of gear shifting by automatically controlling engine speed using gearbox controls.

The tractor’s closed center hydraulic system provides incredible performance. Up to eight selective valves for the SCV hydraulic valve (four to six – standard) can be installed on tractors, which provide impressive performance – up to 435 l / min. Such parameters are truly impressive. This is more than enough to drive wide-range seeding equipment with reduced engine speeds. The maximum throughput on one valve of the SCV valve with a clutch diameter of 12.5 mm is 132 l / min, and a diameter of 19 mm – 159 l / min.

It is convenient and simple to control the hydraulic system thanks to the intuitive controls on the display; you can use the keys on the Command ARM console or, as an option, the joystick.

Depending on the hydraulic system’s power requirements, the manufacturer offers two options for installing hydraulic pumps: as standard, if you have a hydraulic system with an e18 Power Shift transmission, install a pump with a capacity of 220 l / min, or 435 l / min to order.

On tractors, an electrohydraulic three-point linkage system Cat 4 or Cat 5 with a thrust sensor in various versions is applied, which provide excellent aggregation and consistency when working with heavy equipment in extreme conditions. Their capacity can reach 6940 or 9072 kg. For all models, it is possible to establish an independent 20-spline GDP (25.4 or 19.0 mm) with a rotation speed of 1000 rpm.

The tractor’s main functions are controlled using a special Command ARM console with a built-in 7-inch Green Star 3 Command Center display, located to the right of the operator’s seat. You can manage important AMS applications such as Auto Trac directly from the display. It is also possible to install the Green Star 2630, which has a large, robust 10.4 inch (26.4 cm) touchscreen display – a compact version for optimal viewing, a USB connector and an LCD backlight for brightening. +
In general, John Deere is one of the most innovative companies in terms of developing auxiliary equipment, software, and systems. And if necessary, you can, as a designer, equip your pet with all the functions you want to meet your needs.